The damage done to your horses hooves will not disappear after one trim.   It took time for the damage to occur.

It will take time to heal the  damage.   A hoof may take six months to a year to rebuild itself.  Be patient. Things may get worse before they get better.  Damaged and degraded hoof material needs to be removed for new healthy tissue to develop. 

A qualified NHCP is correcting what is  correctable and letting the horse grow out a new hoof.  

Most problems, such as flaring, long toes, high heels, poor frog stimulation can be helped during a relatively short trimming period by a few good trims. 
False sole appears during 1st trim on left front. 
Left front after completion of 1st trim.
This mare had multiple abscesses and false soles due to excessive length and improper trim history 
Left Front after 2nd trim.

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