Horse Training and Horsemanship Programs
Horse Training
Give your horse good ground manners.  If it doesn't work from the ground, it won't work from the saddle.

Horsemanship Program
Be the leader your horse wants and needs you to be.
Empowerment through Horsemanship.

Debora Lay              

Debora is a professional equine trainer and instructor. She specializes in Natural Horsemanship and is a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. Debora’s horses have been used in the Black Stallion Literacy Project, Reno Rodeo and on award-winning parade teams. A BLM approved Mustang trainer, Debora has owned and operated LayzD Equine Services since 2003. Debora, an EAP Certified Equine Specialist, is co-founder of Haven’s Horses, an Equine Assisted Therapy Program  in Hamilton.


Serving the Bitterroot Valley, Western Montana